Sunday, 21 July 2013

Enjoy healthy life with a cup of tea.

A morning bed tea, life of some people starts with a cup of morning bed tea, all around the world many people are fond of having tea in their routine day to day life. These are offered to guest coming or invited to our homes / offices. You can found same in offices, shop, cafes, malls & everywhere else. It seems like we can't live without having a cup of tea daily.

A cup of tea is part of our life but some people without making any research say "tea is injurious to health". But it is found in a latest research that a cup of tea contains a lot of qualities beside its sweetness, taste/freshness.

A cup of tea contains a good quantity of natural fluoride which is necessary for strong teeth, and also save us from much dental disease.

Polyphenols in tea keep us protected from a deadly disease named cancer.

Antioxidants in green tea burns calories & helps overweight person to lose its weight naturally without any side effect of medicines & too much diet / excersie.

Green/black tea reduces the danger of sudden stroke up to 60% & sometimes works as a silent life savor.

It helps to boost our immune system & help our body to fight with new threats.

It is always said excess of anything is bad, although tea is healthy for us but consuming a lots of tea in a single day is a bad habit.

Do try to consume a one or two cup of tea daily & make yourself  healthy, wealthy & wise.

Mahatav Kukreti