About me

Hi all,

I am a freelancer writer from India, whose prime motto behind writing is " Stay informed & make other self informed" with a simple piece of writing. I personally believe writing in a simple & lucid manner . I always tried to write complex matter in a a simple understandable way because I personally believe our creations are not only for fellow writers but also for general public like me.

I belongs to a beautiful country India, which is famous for its culture, traditions, happy peoples & beautiful landscapes. There is most to writes about my country & its culture. In my blog post I will try to present colors of my home land to whole world.

I studied commerce & law during my graduation & awarded degrees on same. The education that I have gathered has added to my knowledge & interpretation skills. In my blog post I will try to present present useful information about legal & commerce matter in a simple & understandable way.

Beside this any interesting & knowledgeable things will become part of my blog post like a information source for whole world.

Thanks for knowing about me.

Mahatav Kukreti

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